Grammar Concepts and Reference Overview
The current version of the Grammar Concepts and Reference template allows authors to associate regular HTML documents with a menu tool that facilitates searching and browsing. These HTML documents may contain any type of linguistic information or explanations and incorporate text, audio, video, links, etc., as any web page would. Authors can specify how documents are listed in the menu, as well as key words to be searched with the search tool. This template has already been used to create references for Chinese grammar, Chinese character writing, and Russian pronunciation.

The Comet development team is also exploring the possibility of an expanded Grammar Concepts tool that will tie together explanations and examples of related grammatical concepts across multiple languages and present them in an easily navigable manner. For example, a student might read about the concept of an indirect object in English, followed by explanations of how the dative case is marked in a target language (or multiple other languages), along with a series of examples in both English and other languages. Some progress has been made in developing a specification and prototype for such a robust relational database and its associated authoring tool; future work will focus on the revision of the existing template to support this expanded functionality and on the development of initial core content.


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