Lecture Notes Overview
The Lecture Notes template supports students' practice comprehending and taking notes during lectures delivered in the target language, an essential skill for students planning to take courses at foreign universities. A video or audio recording of a lecture simulates a trip to a classroom or lecture hall abroad. Students may be asked to take notes by hand (as they would in a paper notebook) or in a note-taking window in the software (as they would if they were taking notes on a laptop during the lecture). Notes taken electronically can be saved for later review by a teacher, grader, or the student him- or herself.

Activity authors can provide students with a combination of helpful resources, which might include a model set of notes (such as those that might be taken by a native-speaking student), a word-for-word transcript of the lecture, or a vocabulary list of unfamiliar words. An instructor could recommend to students when to toggle on and off these additional features, guiding them on a particular strategy for working through an activity. For example, an instructor might ask students to attempt to listen to the lecture and take notes once without consulting the transcript, and then to use the transcript or model notes to review their own notes and see what important points might have been missed.


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