Support & Download Information


For Yale faculty

Technical support for the templates is provided by your CLS liaison. Contact your liaison if you would like access to a particular template or are interested in an introduction to Comet. More information can also be found in the document Getting Started with the Templates (for Yale Faculty).

Outside Yale

At this time, support for Comet is available only to technical staff at educational institutions with whom we are partnering on formal, funded template implementation projects. In the future, we expect to extend support to technical staff at other educational institutions, primarily through a moderated user discussion group that will be linked from this site. Institutions intending to adopt the Comet templates will designate their own on-campus technical support contacts, and faculty and students making use of the templates will contact support staff on their own campuses (not at Yale) for instruction and assistance.

Downloading Comet (Outside Yale)

Educational Institutions

Faculty and students who wish to use the Comet templates do not need to download them from this page; instead, activity authors and students should access Comet by visiting their campus's Comet web page and logging in.

This download location is for system administrators at institutions interested in adopting the templates and installing them on their own web servers.

Non-profit institutions of learning may download and install the software free of charge, provided that such use is consistent with the Comet License for Educational Institutions.

We are currently preparing a downloadable package that will contain source code and technical documentation for the Comet templates. It is expected to be available on this site at a future date.

U.S. Government

Use of the templates software is permitted free of charge for federal government purposes, in accordance with Section 74.36(a) of the Code of the Federal Register. Use for non-federal purposes is not permitted except as described elsewhere on this page.

Other Users

Other users, including but not limited to publishers, private corporations, or private consultants or software authors, may not install, use, or redistribute the Comet software without first obtaining a written license. Contact the Center for Language Study in writing to discuss licensing options.


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