B. By being a definite or specific event. (There is elaborately detailed information about the object. In other words, the object must be modified by an attributive clause or other elaborate modifiers.)


2.1     kàn-le zuótiān wǎnshang de guójì xīnwén.  


          I watched last night’s international news.


2.2     Wáng tàitai gěi kàn-le zài Rìběn mǎi de nèi běn xīn chūbǎn de Rì-Hàn zìdiǎn.  


Mrs. Wang showed me the newly published Japanese-Chinese dictionary that she had bought in Japan.

In examples 2.1 and 2.2, much detailed information is given about the objects xīnwén新闻 and zìdiǎn字典, which makes them very specific. The news is not any news; it is the yesterday-evening-international news. The dictionary is not any dictionary out there in the world; it is the she-bought-in-Japan-that-copy-of-newly-published-Japanese-Chinese dictionary.