‘Shì ... De’ ( ... ) Construction For Emphasis


I. What is the ‘shì ... de’ construction and when is it used?

II. The structure of the ‘shì ... de’ construction

III. Circumstantial elements that the ‘shì ... de’ construction highlights.

1. Focusing on time (when the action took place)

2. Focusing on place (where the action took place)

3. Focusing on manner (in what manner the action took place)

3.1 Focusing on company

3.2 Focusing on conveyance

3.3 Focusing on tool

3.4 Focusing on demeanor

4. Focusing on the agent of the action (who executed the action)

5. Focusing on the target of the action (for/to whom the action was executed)

IV. The negative form of the ‘shì ... de’ construction

V. The placement of adverbs

VI. Stress

VII. The omission of shì

VIII. Other question forms of the ‘shì ... de’ construction

IX. The ‘shì ... de’ construction and sentences with le