I. What is the construction?


As a coverb, has no equivalent in English. It is simply a means by which the direct object is displaced to a position before the verb. construction is a ‘disposal form’ (Wang Li 1947: 160ff.) It states “how a person is handled, manipulated or dealt with; how something is disposed of; or how an affair is concluded” (translation by Charles N. Li 1974: 200-201). A sentence with the construction follows the basic pattern below.


      subject           + direct object     verb + complementary element


      Míng         -de zìdiǎn         zǒu le.

      李明               把你的字典         拿走了。

      Ming Li has taken your dictionary away.


      subject           + direct object      verb + complementary element


                            shū                kāi. 

                            把书                    打开。

Open the book.