+ (-le) + complement of frequency + (le)

Specifying how many times the object has been or is to be dealt with.


10.1 zhi ge z chāo-le sh bin, hish jbzh. 


She copied this character ten times, but she still cant remember it.


10.2 Wǒmen yǐngjīng zhi ge wnt tǎoln-le sān c le. 


We have already discussed this issue three times up to now.


10.3 zh piān kwn nin sān bin. 


Read the text aloud three times.


10.4 zuy jiǎnch yxi. 


Check your homework.

Note: Yxi一下(a little bit) is a special verbal measure word. It is generally used to soften the tone in imperative sentences. It is not used to indicate the frequency of an action. So it is wrong to say, zuy jiǎnch liǎng xi 把作业检查两下(check the homework twice).