+ noun 2 /pronoun + (le)

Specifying the recipient of the object as the result of the action.


7.1       yǐjīng zìx2ingchē gěi Lǎo Wáng le. 


            I have already given the bicycle to Old Wang.


7.2       jiù yīfu sòng rén le. 


            She gave away her old clothes.


7.3       xiǎng zhè jiàn shì gàosù . 


            I don’t want to tell her about it.


7.4       shèng fàn wèi gǒu le. 


            She fed the dog with the leftover food.


7.5       shuǐ jiāo huār le. 


            I water the plant with the water.


Note: Not all verbs can take these elements in sentences. Only verbs such as gěi, sòng, gàosù告诉, wèi, jiāo, tōngzhī通知, zhuǎngào转告and so on can take a noun or pronoun as the indirect object to point out the recipient of the direct object in sentences. These verbs usually imply transferring or passing something to someone else.