IV. Question forms


A sentence with a change-of-state lecan take maat the end of the sentence to form a maquestion. Choice-type questions are not usually used in sentences with a change-of-state leexcept for sentences in which the predicate verb is preceded by an optative, a dispositional verb or a modal verb (such as huì, néng, kěyǐ可以, xiǎng, xǐhuan喜欢, etc.) or in yǒusentences.


1.         Shān-lǐ tiānqi lěng le ma? (ma question) 


            Has the weather become cold in the mountains?


2.         huì kāi chē le ma? (ma question)  


            Are you able to drive now?


3.   A:  huì huì kāi chē le? (choice-type question) 


           Are you able to drive now?

      B:  Huì le. /Hái huì. 


           Yes, I am. /Not yet.