III. Creating an emphasis on each individual


Some measure words and nouns indicating measure can be reduplicated and followed by dōu(all) to mean ‘each and every (without exception)’, such as , tiān(day), nián(year), jiā(family), rén(person). This is a very strong way to say ‘every’, stronger than měi (every). The emphasis is on the fact that there are no exceptions.


1.       Lǎo Wáng de háizi dōu huì shuō Fǎyǔ. 


          Each and every one of Old Wang’s children speaks French.


2.       tiān tiān dōu kàn bào. 


          I read newspapers every single day.


3.       Měiguó rén jiā jiā dōu yǒu diànhuà. 


          Each and every American family has a telephone.