V. Negative sentences


Negative sentences are formed by placing méi or méi yǒu没有in front of the main verb and dropping the le.



Nèi wèntí méi huídáduì. 


          I did not answer that question correctly.


The negative form may also use instead of méi yǒu没有, but this commonly occurs only in conditional clauses describing actions that have not been carried out. Compare the highlighted parts in the following sentences. One uses while the other uses méi.


Negative form using implying a condition.


          zuòwán zuòyè jiù shuìjiào.  


          If I don’t finish doing my homework, I will not go to bed.

Comparison with méi or méiyǒu没有, which does not imply a condition.


          méi zuòwán zuòyè


          I did not finish doing my homework.