Hải sản: sea food, đồ biển
Chẳng lẽ/chẳng nhẽ: chẳng lẽ =(if that is the case) then does it mean that p?
(if the antecedence is true then an unexpected or hard to accept consequence is inevitable); "chẳng lẽ" is used as an objection. For example, "if mom has to move out then ...is it the case (chẳng lẽ) that she has to sleep on the street?"
Bình thường: normal, usual, common, ordinary
Ăn cỗ: a feast or banquet
Đơn giản: simple
Sang trọng: luxurious and elegant
Đánh giá: to appraise, to assess, to rate, or to make value judgment
Coi thường: to think little of, to look down, to have contempt for
Tầm thường: mediocre, lowly
Phô trương: to show off, to display
"Mâm cao cỗ đầy": idiomatic expression which means "a big and extravagant feast or an epicurean banquet"
Thống nhất: to agree, to be single-minded, to unify or unite
Hủy: to cancel, to destroy, or to abort
Hợp lý: reasonable, rational, to make sense